Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Revision Surgery and Venous Thromboembolism

Dr. Dean Kane | Baltimore MDQ. Is general anesthesia required for a revision?  I had a tummy tuck almost 6 months ago with Lipo to mons. I have had this bulge on the right side of my incision since the first time I took off my binder. I am wonder if a local can be done to revise? It seems to have caused drooping in my mind as well. Unfortunately I had a PE a week after surgery and though I tested not genetically predisposed.. I know my doctor is hesitant to touch me again. The original surgery was pretty easy for me. Is a local possible for my scar revision?

A. Thanks for sharing your photos. It is difficult on these images to visualize a underlying bulging deformity. You may wish to obtain a ultrasound or CT image to better evaluate your concerns and whether surgery is required to fix it.  A scar revision may be performed under local anesthetic if needed. 

I can appreciate the hesitancy on your surgeons part following a PE a day after surgery. You will need medical and vascular clearances prior to any electively scheduled procedure which will to you and your surgeon recommended steps to diminish the risk of VTE (venous thromboembolism) and other preventable risks of surgery.

If you require surgery, and your surgeon remains distant, consider a second opinion consultation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I wish you well. 

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