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Perky Breasts Need The Right Support

Breast Lift  Baltimore, MDMost women grew up with the message that, for breasts to look and stay perky, they need some support. The problem is this message was either too broad or too specific. What has been portrayed as the game-saver for perky breasts is a good bra. First of all, what does that even mean? And second, what more is there? Here, we want to take a closer look at what it may take to support breasts that inevitably sag over time.

Strategies to Support Perky Breasts

  • > We’ll start with the bra idea because it’s the one everyone has been taught. For a bra to be supportive means that it is fit well (get a professional fitting) and that it supports the natural position of breasts on the chest wall. The natural When the breasts are continually pushed up, the underlying muscle can atrophy and actually decrease the support needed for breasts to look perky when the push-up comes off.
  • > It has long been said that exercise cannot reverse sagging breasts. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean that exercise has no effect at all. The pectoral muscles that lie under breast tissue can be tightened to hold the breasts more firmly and, thus, help to preserve and slightly improve perkiness at any age.
  • > Protect the skin on the chest at all costs. If your go-to apparel tends to be scoop-necked or low cut, wear sunscreen. When you wear a tank top or bathing suit, wear plenty of sunscreen on your chest. Part of breast sag relates to the breakdown in the firmness of the skin. UV light causes collagen, the skin-firming protein, to degrade, so every ounce of protection counts.
  • > Consider a breast lift. There are two breast surgeries that a woman might consider when troubled by drooping breasts. It is important to recognize what each can do. Breast augmentation inserts silicone or saline implants to increase fullness. This technique may help breasts project better, but it does not correct severe laxity. Plus, even augmented breasts will droop over time.
  • To adequate correct breast sag, consult with an experienced surgeon about breast lift surgery.

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