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Q:  Is it normal to have facial nerve paralysis after facelift? Is it reversible, and a pretty bad neuralgia pain?  Is it normal to have facial nerve paresis after face lift, where my eyebrow won’t move & eye won’t close, is it reversible, and a pretty bad neuralgia pain around the ear/cheeks 3 weeks post-op? What kind of recovery symptoms should I expect to have? My doctor didn’t warn me of anything at all, and I am in constant pain & discomfort.

A:  So sorry for your troubles! It is expected that superficial sensory nerves to the face and around the ears will be injured as a expected side-effect of facelift surgery. This will lead to improving return of normal sensation from numbness of the front-of-face and possible tenderness behind and under the ear. 

  • ​You may wish to try cutting a OTC (over-the-counter) lidocaine patch into postage stamp size squares and place them behind the ear and over the painful site. 
  • If persistent pain continues, steroid injection can be quite helpful and release of the nerve maybe be needed.
  • With both pain and numbness, desensitization massage is helpful and
  • once the skin has complete return of circulation, ice massage is quite helpful. 

​The nerves to the muscles causing weakness when injured lie in the deeper tissues of the face. Depending on the technique performed, these nerves have a higher risk of injury but usually return to full function. 

  • ​I recommend immediate follow-up with your surgeon and a second opinion with a Physiatrist (Rehabilitation Doctor) if needed. I believe better return of function occurs when the type of nerve injury (ie. bruise versus separation) is known and the therapy can start right away. 
  • Botox to correct symmetry may be useful but requires expert skills. 

​I hope this has been helpful and you will seek care to help you resolve your troubles. All the best!


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