Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Sculptra Injections under the Eyes

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Q:  Can I get Sculptra injections under my eyes?  I know Sculptra can be used to correct smile lines, but I want to get rid of the bags under my eyes. I’m thinking about fillers for other areas of my face as well, but the area under my eyes is definitely the worst. The bags and wrinkles there make me look like I’m 65 even though I’m in my mid 50s. Can Sculptra be used?

A:  Yes, Sculptra may be used under the eyes. Please select a skilled, talented and well experienced injector as nodule formation is not easily corrected.

Sculptra is a bio-active skin cell regulator stimulating collagen and other structural molecule formation of the nearby fibroblast and other cells. When injected homogeneously and properly massaged, the stimulation is smooth but if the suspension of Sculptra coalesces, there will be formation of a granule or nodule.

I have had significant success with Sculptra for the upper cheek and eyelids (but not injected into the eyelid skin itself!) and lip lines. Sculptra is VERY injector dependent so choose your product and injector very carefully!

You may wish to consider other non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical options such as:

  • Retinoids, 
  • Chemical peels and laser peels
  • Surgical eyelid lift
  • Bionyx topical

I hope this is helpful! All the best!


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