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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding MACS Facelift without a Lower Eyelid Lift

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Q. I’m just about to have a MACS Face lift. But the doctor told me he won’t do under eyes surgery as well. Is it ok? Can the results be just as good?

I was told once that it was much better to do both at the same time. I’m worried about puckering under my eyes afterwards.

A. Without a full in-person exam, I can only generalize. With moderate thickness to your skin, 3 of the “5 Facial Folds”, mild rounding of the lower eyelids, full but slightly thinning lips, mild jowling and mild central neck fullness with no neck banding.

The “5 Facial Folds” are due to laxity of the facial soft tissues and skin creating a wave-like folding along the:
1.       eyes,
2.       naso-jugal (tear trough),
3.       corner of lip (not in this photo),
4.       marionette / jowl, and
5.       neck (not in this photo)
In my experience, the MACS facelift is best for those patients requiring a small or “booster-lift”, ie. younger patient with minimal skin excess or following a prior facelift with minimal skin redundancy. I do not believe you will best benefit from the “minimized” facelift and it certainly will not address the jowls and neck. It is limited in skin removal as well as limited in its undermining to properly redrape the skin around the nasolabial fold / corner of mouth / marionette fold and jowl.
I believe you would best be served with:
1.       A more traditional subcutaneous face and neck lift.
2.       High SMASplasty; a lift of the SMAS to the cheek line which lifts the soft-tissues under the skin including the jowl and platysma.
3.       No platysmaplasty needed but the neck would be lifted to maximize redraping of the neck, jowls and jawline.
4.       Neck suspension sutures to elevate your platysma hammock, create a crisper jawline and neck crease.
Fat grafting to the lips and cheeks
6.       Consideration for your lower eyelids if the risk of ectropion can be avoided.
7.       ZO Skin Health skin rejuvenation with retinoids and hydroquinone.
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