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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Lip Filler Asymmetry

Q. I got fillers exactly 6 days ago with Restylane Lift and Botox to follow for the more “lifted” look. This is my first time and I’m so miserable with the results. They are also still sore. Not sure if 6 days in they should be, but the worst part is that I have filler in the upper skin above where my lip lines actually end. It looks so unnatural and like a mustache. I don’t even want to leave the house. How can I make it go away? #desperate and thank you

A. Thanks for sharing your photo with us. I see the asymmetry and added volume that concerns you. I notice no bruise, hematoma, ischemia or redness in the photo as a sign of pain so this may be due to the injection experience. 

Filler injections are a advanced injection technique. The knowledge of the micro-anatomy, understanding of prior injections / trauma / scar to the area and skills / experience level are important considerations in choosing your injector.

Injecting the micro-compartments, tunnels, and levels of the lips will determine the fill, projection, rotation, elevation and other attributes to creating the desired result. 

If a compartment is over filled, it will need time or hyaluronidase, a hyaluronic acid (HA) enzyme to break it down.

If a tunnel is over filled (as in your case), massage may be all you need. Time and hyaluronidase usage may also be used. 

Try massage first and if 2 weeks or more from your procedure you remain concerned, return to your injector or consult with a talented and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to re-evaluate your results. 

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