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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Acne Scars and Facelifts

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Q:  Would a facelift help with acne scars?  Had cystic acne as youth with several scars, now at 62 my aging skin is sagging and scars look worse, would laser resurfacing help with this or would i need facelift and resurfacing. 

A:  Cystic acne produces significant changes to facial skin:

  1. ​collagen scarring and tufting of the skin surface to the tissues below it, 
  2. a broken up fat layer from the injury to the surrounding fat cells,
  3. any steroid injections will thin the surrounding tissue leaving irregularity of skin layers,
  4. added sun damage to reduce cyst and acne formation,
  5. the desire of us “baby boomers” to be tan and 
  6. aging with skin and soft tissue laxity. 

Your best options include:

  1. ​retinoids to soften scars and blemishes,
  2. chemical peels and laser for layered exfoliation and planing of the irregular skin surface, 
  3. fat grafting to refill and smoothen the uneven fat layer, and ​
  4. facelift to cut the tufted fibers and allow the skin to unfurl and redrape the skin more smoothly. Facelifting will also create a horizontal collagen layer tightening the adjacent skin layers rather than pulling the skin into vertical parachute-like fibers.

Please consult with a talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to review your concerns and create a management plan to achieve your goals. I hope I have been helpful. All the best!​

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