Male Otoplasty or Ear Pinning

Oto case-2b-copy

“MEN WANT” their ears flat against their heads. No longer a common request, but an issue for some boys and men is the extended protrusion and size of their ears. The procedure is called Otoplasty or the pinning back of the ears. This is not a complicated surgery and Dr. Dean Kane offers his male patients two options when performing this procedure. For some male patients, only the top of the ears bother them and Dr. Kane offers them this limited surgical approach which works very effectively.

In other cases, the entire ear concerns boys and men and Dr. Kane pins back the lower and top half of the ear. In either case, the incisions are made behind the ear and are completely hidden from view. The recovery requires the patient to wear a “sweat band’ around their ears to protect and hold the ears in place while healing. After one week Dr. Kane requires his patients to wear the headband only at night while sleeping. The major limitation is that Dr. Kane requires that boys and men not engage in active sports for 6 weeks where their ears can be hit or hurt during hard playing. For young and older males, this congenital embarrassment is easily eliminated by this relative easy surgery and easy recovery. Regaining confidence becomes a strong factor once the ears are immediately brought back into a normal position.