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After Weight Loss Procedures: Tummy Tucks and Body Lifts for Men

Like women, once men have excess skin on their abdomen and backs due to weight loss the only effective way to achieve a tighter body is through the removal of the excess skin and tightening of the internal muscle corset. There is a growing number of male patients requesting Dr. Kane to perform the Tummy Tuck and/or Body Lift procedures. After excessive weight loss, men like women find themselves with draping hanging skin that can NOT be tightened by exercise. Dr. Kane removes this skin excess through a lower incision that extends from hip to hip and then tightens the muscles of the abdomen at the same time. If the excess skin continues around the back and the buttocks, then Dr. Kane removes the skin off the back as well with an incision that goes around the entire lower half of the body. This procedure is called the Body Lift.

The recovery of these procedures requires a 4-6 week recovery before a person can go back to work or school. But it takes up to 3 months before full activity can be performed. While the scars can take up to a year or more to soften and lighten, men enjoy the tight feel of the body without the hanging or looseness of their skin draping over their pants. For men and women, the Tummy Tuck gives them a shape that they can feel proud to show off their new fitted form.

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