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Learn The Sculptra Secret from Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane

Maryland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane is introducing The Sculptra Secret for the Long Lasting Liquid Face Lift. Sculptra is an injectable filler that will give a beautiful natural plumping of the face by stimulating your own collagen production to fill the hollows, lines and folds of the face for up to 25 months.

Sculptra is very different from the fillers like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm Ultra, and Radiesse, as it plumps and invigorates tightening of the entire face including the temples, upper and lower cheek, nasal folds, marionettes, and jaw line.The process is completely based on Sculptra stimulating your own collagen formation. Your will appear like you are naturally anti-aging during the 3 months of slow collagen formation and it is your own body doing the work.The injection process is very different as well. For the Sculptra process to work, Dr. Dean Kane will require his patients to commit to two full sessions of injections that are scheduled 6 weeks apart. Dr. Kane may suggest a third treatment depending on the desired outcome by his patients or if you just want a future touch up to keep up the collagen building process.

Who are good candidates for Sculptra versus the other fillers? Dr. Dean Kane will offer both options to his patients as some people will require both. Sculptra is ideally used to plump and fill the entire cheek and jaw units. Since it cannot be injected close to the eyes, the lips, or around the border of the lips, that is where Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm Ultra comes in. Collagen builds and builds in these areas so the entire face appears fuller, smoother, lifted and tighter.

Dr. Kane is presenting The Sculptra Secret Talk on May 23rd from 1:00 to 2:00 in his Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Pikesville, MD and offer FREE consultations to follow to help you determine if Sculptra is right for you. Make sure to reserve your seat by RSVP at 410-602-3322 and request your Free Consultation to follow the TALK. To learn more about Sculptra be sure to visit www.DrDeanKane.com and see for yourself the incredible results of Sculptra.

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