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Jeuveau, the New “Botox” by Evolus

Jeuveau is a new “NewTox” now offered by Dr. Dean Kane to his patients for wrinkles in the forehead.  Jeuveau is newly approved by the FDA to work very similarly to Dysport and Botox. The Jeuveau will kick in fast, within a couple of days, from the injections and FDA approved to last 4 months which is similar timing to Dysport. It is reconstituted like Botox so the units are the same. So if you normally get 40 units of Botox then you would get 40 units of Jeuveau.

Best known to minimize the “ # 11 lines between the eyebrows, these neurotoxin muscle relaxers are injected into superficial glabella muscles to weaken them so they cannot wrinkle the skin. This works similarly for the crow’s feet, the horizontal lines on the forehead, the lip lines and some neck lines and folds. When Dr. Kane injects, he can achieve a beautiful, arched non-surgical browlift and smoothening of your forehead wrinkles,  lip and neck lines. 

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