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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Benefits of the Minimally Invasive Thread Lifting Trend

Q. Do you have Silhouette Instalift/Nova Threads before and after photos for neck/abdomen/even cellulite? Could someone in the Chicago area please share your photos of Silhouette Instalift/Nova Threads before and afters? Neck, abdomen, etc. Or even NYC? I know this is relatively new in the USA, but with the few surgeons I have seen it offering near these cities, there are either no photos of before and afters, or the results are not really visible. (I am realistic and NOT looking for a degree of lifting that is surgical, I don’t need that. But effective photos are effective photos.)

A. Yes, EuroThreads are recently introduced to the US and few are trained in its proper use. Please link to the below Web Reference for more information and photos.

There are benefits and limitations of the evolving variety of minimally invasive suture suspension options. Having used many of them including Contour Threads, Silhouette InstaLyft (SIL) and currently EuroThreads, I find that:

Contour Threads were highly effective if the surgeon understood the underlying physiology of thread lifting. That is that the threads held the tissues in place long enough for the surrounding collagen ie, scar production maintained the lift and contracted the surrounding tissues. 

Similar to this concept are SIL’s. They need surrounding collagen induction for the thread to do its job. Those physicians who placed 1 or 2 threads expecting to hold up the tissues by themselves have mis-conceived the needs for a longer duration result and wider collagen induction. SIL’s failed for me due to their weak tensile strength, bulky cones, needle rather than cannula placement and now improved new thread options.

These former threads pulled the fibrous network under the skin and anchored them in place lifting and requiring surrounding collagen production to “anti-age” the appearance. If placed too superficial, they can be seen and if place along the SMAS, the skin may slide down over the elevated soft tissues and fat.

EuroThreads, I believe when used to their optimum, they will help solve many of the above issues. Proper training to the most skillful ThreadLift surgeons is required. The very wide variety of sutures provide:

  • lifting with PDO barbed deeper sutures, and
  • firming, tightening, pore and acne scar reduction with the dermal sutures
  • use in non-traditional areas such as peri-oral lines and wrinkling, folds, forehead, neck lifting and lines
  • used effectively in other body areas and dimples. 
  • provided in PLLA collagen boosting threads.  

DO NOT EXPECT SURGICAL RESULTS. For the most part, minimally invasive procedures do not reach the same goals and expectations of a facelift or other surgical desires. On the other hand, I can achieve skin smoothening and tightening in areas not previously treated. These meet the expectations of those who wish no surgery or for those with medical issues cannot undergo incisional procedures or deeper anesthesia. They are performed under local anesthesia. 

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