Is Botox an option for smoker’s lines above upper lip?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_73907851Q. I was told by a medical aesthetician that it is not, however I am seeing women on YouTube being treated with very small amounts (2-10 units) for this reason. I live in California and desperately want it. I have a terrible habit of pursing my lips.     A. Lip lines are a combination of:
  • ​heredity (thin skin)
  • ​aging (thinning skin)
  • epidermal thickening and
  • dermal thinning
  • sun-damage
  • ​muscle thickening (hypertrophy) from pursing and / or smoking
Consultation with a well versed and artsy, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist to evaluate and provide a combined approach to improve or enhance each of these issues is best. ​ ​Consider:
  • ​Botox to reduce the pursing (it will affect your ability to drag on a cigarette for a week or so)
  • ​ZO Obagi Skin Health for exfoliation, renewal of skin cells, repair and protection
  • ​smoothening hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane Silk
  • ​Peels and lasers including IPL, ClearLift, CO2 and / or Erbium.
I hope this is helpful. I wish you the best!
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