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Is 55 too young for a facelift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. Is 55 too young for a facelift? A. This is an eternal question. When is it best to have a face lift (or any elective cosmetic procedure for that matter)?​ ​The answer is simple. There is no best age for everyone. There are many factors but mostly, it is when you are ready. Be aware that there are many newer options that may enhance features of a face lift that do not require surgery today. ​ ​The goals of a face lift include:
  1. ​Tightening the underlying soft tissues and muscle tissues,
  2. ​To elevate, redrape and remove skin excess.
So, if you can pinch an inch or more of skin toward the ear and you have sagging in the cheeks, nasolabial folds or jowls, consider a face lift. ​ ​Other non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures for those wishing fuller cheeks, tighter skin, less blemishes and acne scars, less lines, folds and wrinkles, consider:
  1. ​Fillers to volumize areas of folds, wrinkles and cheek fat loss or sagging
  2. ​Fillers to fill thin lines
  3. ​Botox / Dysport to relax dynamic (muscle created) wrinkles and elevate the brows
  4. ​ZO Skin Health and other retinoids and skin blemish enhancements
  5. ​Peels, Lasers, Lights to reduce pigmentation and tighten the skin
  6. ​Sculptra to firm the skin and fill folds and reduce lines and wrinkles
​Based on your photo, it appears you may not need skin removal and may enhance your features with minimally on non-invasive options. ​ ​Please obtain a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon consultation to offer you the full armamentarium of options. ​ ​All the best! Dr. Dean Kane
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