I have a lot of hanging skin, not creepy, but hanging. Will CoolSculpting it work there?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A  Q. I would like to know more about CoolSculpting on arms. I have a lot of hanging skin, not creepy, but hanging. Will it work there? Have used weights for yrs. If you are in your 60’s and even if you have worked your triceps: skin is not wrinkled but just hangs, will the reduction from CoolSculpting take care of the skin there? Facial skin is great just the lower area and lines under eyes and plastysmal bands that I hate. Not a serial surgery type but feeling that some improvement would be great with a great surgeon. A. ​Unfortunately, there are no reliable and reproducible lasers, lights, injectables nor other options other than skin excision / reduction to remove lax, hanging extra skin of the body, arms, legs or face. As you have experienced, muscle building will fill the volume of the skin laxity but exercise will not tighten skin. ​ ​There are improving exceptions to this rule. These include:
  1. ​retinoids and Sculptra for facial firming
  2. ​CoolSculpting (CS), while not promised has seen some skin shrinking in the lower abdomen and back folds in some patients.
​Our experience with CS for arms has been excellent. Patients are pleased with the reduction (although limited) and skin shrinking (not tightening) of the hanging skin bulge. Their clothes fit better which fulfilled their desires and expectations. ​ Regarding skin and soft-tissue laxity of the face and neck, “if you can pinch an inch” of skin along the jawline in front of the earlobe, no amount of fillers, Botox, lasers and promises will shrink the skin; you will need a face and / or neck lift to  remove skin laxity.  ​ ​In all cases, consult with a Board Certified well experienced Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial surgeon who will properly examine you and offer his best recommendations for YOU! ​ ​I hope this is helpful. All the best!
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