People keep telling me I look old and I’m only 46. How can I improve my looks?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_69118465 Q. People keep telling me I look old and I’m only 46. How can I improve my looks? I’ve just lost 14 pounds due to people who kept calling me fat Marilyn. Now people keep telling me I look old. My face has shrunk, but the skin looks loose. I have lines around my mouth and my jawline is not very defined. I’ve thought about having a chin implant but maybe I just need a facelift and neck lift instead. Not sure what I need so would be grateful for some advice, please. A. ​During the aging process and particularly following weight loss many changes occur including:
  • the fat layers and fat compartments in the face shrink and sag,
  • the skin which is no longer “filled” out deflates,
  • the bones elongate and shrink reducing the frame for the face,
  • the retaining soft-tissues of the face relax
  • the skin loses its elasticity and return snap.
​While your photos are not optimum, there is the appearance of sagging soft tissues and skin. ​ ​Many patients turn to: ​- skin lasers and peels for tightening, ​- fillers for volumizing or restoring the fill in the face. ​Most of these patients find that these non-surgical options help but are unhappy with the desired “lift, suspension, repositioning and redraping of facial tissues they had hoped for. ​ I recommend you consult with a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT Face surgeon to review your options. ​ ​In my opinion, your money is best spent with a face and neck lift first. This will provide the lift, redraping of skin and soft-tissues and recreating the definition and highlights you wish for. Consider a chin implant with your surgeon. ​ ​Maintain your investment with:
  1. ​proper ZO Skin Health for tightening,
  2. ​Sculptra for firming, and
  3. ​Fillers for volumizing.
​I hope this has been helpful. I wish you the best!
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