How bad will the scar be? Should I consider a revision?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. How bad will the scar be? Should I consider a revision? I had a facelift two weeks ago and found two holes behind the ear while healing, looks awful! Will the scar be as bad as I think it will be? Should I start looking into getting a revision ? A. ​Thanks for sharing your photo. At two weeks following any surgery including a facelift, collagen is only now starting to increase the strength of the incision. The sutures are dissolving and so tension may allow the skin to separate particularly where suture knots are. ​ ​Your incision line separation should be visualized and cared for by your surgeon. As long as infection and drainage do not occur, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself. In the majority of cases, your scar line will look normal and not need revision. You must be patient for “open healing” to occur followed by “maturation” of the scar; typically 12 months. ​ You may consider other options to improve scar quality once the incision is closed depending on the nature of the scar:
  • ​pink to red: IPL
  • ​hypertrophic or ropey, IPL or steroid injection
  • ​poor scar quality: fraxel CO2 or erbium pixel laser or surgical revision
​Your incision appears very well placed. I would anticipate a good scar. ​ ​Keep in touch with your surgeon. Please read the references below to learn the healing process and where your expectations may differ from healing physiology. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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