How long should I wait to get pregnant after Coolsculpting?

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Q. How long should I wait to get pregnant after CoolSculpting? I want to start trying to get pregnant in 3 months, but I want to treat my uneven belly from previous liposuction. Is it not enough time to do a treatment before trying to conceive? I’m 38 years old, 118 pounds and 5’3″. I have one child and want to do this procedure before I get pregnant because I plan in nursing after I give birth and won’t be able to do anything cosmetic for a long time.

A. ​There is no reason to delay pregnancy following the completion of your CoolSculpting (CS) treatments. You may expect some discomfort for a week or 2 after described as “Braxton-Hicks”-like contractions of the tummy by some female patients so make sure you are not pregnant before starting CS!

​You may not use CS during your pregnancy and should wait 3 month or more following your pregnancy and breast feeding to resume CS.

​Good luck and discuss these plans with your Obstetrician!

​All the best!

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