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Help! I have dry, flaky skin post-facelift. What can I do?

shutterstock_55735663Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. I am about 45 days post-facelift and my skin is very dry and flaky, even my ears have slight flaking. What causes this and how can I combat it? I didn’t have any resurfacing, laser, etc. I’ve been using SkinMedia dermal repair but it still is flaky – my lips are also extremely dry. Thank you. A. ​At the  the time of any surgery but in this case, facelift surgery, there is a immediate lack of flow to the skin. The skin recovers by increasing heart rate, heart pumping and vessel dilation to reduce the risk of skin loss due to ischemia. It is not unusual for the epidermis to respond with dryness, flaking and at times blistering. ​Now that you are 6 plus weeks following surgery, the risk of skin loss has passed and it is time to stimulate a pleasing skin texture, normalization of the scar and remodeling process in addition to your new perkier, lifted face. Gentle cleansers are good! Scubs maybe good depending on your skin quality. Moisturizers, all depend on your skin oiliness or dryness (obviously now, it is dry). It is my recommendation that you find and consult with a Skin Care Specialist, particularly one that is a Certified ZO (Obagi) Skin Health Specialist or on his Faculty to carefully introduce Retinoids and/or non-retinoids, hydroquinones and/or non-HQs (a pharmacological level of care), proper moisturizers, anti-oxidants and protection to properly up-regulate and transform your skin quality to a rosy, moist, rejuvenated quality. You have invested a lot in your facelift! Stimulate it and care for it to last longer than the normal aging and environmental factors against it. I hope this is helpful! All the best!  
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