So I have to get surgery done? What are my other options? I want to avoid surgery just fix the crease.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. I’m so worried I really don’t want to have surgery but I keep noticing it getting deeper or maybe I just stare at it too long? Well anyway, what are my other options? I read about fillers and Botox but I don’t want to make a mistake or make my nose worse then it already is. Please help me! A. Thanks for sharing your photos! You appear young and beautiful. You have a gorgeous dimple and what appears to be filler on the upper lip side of the nasolabial fold. Think of skin laxity as a wave crashing against a sandbar. In your case, gravity is creating a deeper wave at the sandbar or nasolabial fold and elevating the sandbar with filler for you to push back the wave of skin is not appealing. Please consult with a well experienced injector! You do not need surgery. I would anticipate filling your upper cheeks will re-balance your facial skin wave back up to your cheeks and diminish the nasolabial fold. Botox in this area will not help. ​Take a look a our gallery reference to give you an idea as to what is possible with fillers. I hope this has been helpful! All the best!  
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