Getting Botox for plastysmal band for the first time today. I’m very worried. Should I worry about breathing/swallowing?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_85596703 Q. I am only 33 years old and already have a huge platysmal band on the front/side of my neck that shows when I smile, swallow, talk, etc. it is very unsightly. I have a double Board certified facial plastic surgeon that already does my filler injections (under eyes, great results) and today I plan on trying Botox to relax the band. I am also getting Botox to my forehead. I have a cold though, lots of flem. Should I be worried the Botox can cause me not to be able to swallow properly or cough. A. ​Botox to relax the platysma band(s) is very reliable when done correctly. Your trusted Board Certified Facial ENT sounds like he / she will do a great job. Due to the rare flu-like symptoms and rare dysphagia / dysphonia (swallowing / breathing) concerns, you may wish to wait a week for your cold / flu to resolve. ​Consider speaking with your surgeon about other options for your platysma band. 80% of patients have a separation between the medial aspect of their platysma muscles. This can be surgically united through a chin incision to give you a sling like cradle and elevation of the neck rather than weakening the muscle with Botox. Good luck with your injection! Happy Holidays!
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