How much will it cost for me to get Botox in my lips?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_66281377 Q. How much will it cost for me to get Botox in my lips? A. ​Botox and Dysport ARE excellent in the lips but must be used artistically and with proper injector experience. ​ ​Botox and Dysport are muscle relaxers. They are used around the 3 eye muscles to diminish lines and rebalance expression, so can they be used judiciously around the 3 mouth (and lip) muscles. ​ ​Patients with tight, thin or wrinkled lips are excellent candidates. By identifying which muscle fibers cause the contraction and inversion of the lips, a talented injector may relax the muscles to evert the lip (ie make it protrude more) and relax the lip lines. Thereafter, just like around the yes, you may add fillers of different characters to enhance:
  • ​the vermillion (dry, pink lip) fullness
  • ​the vermillion lipstick lines
  • ​the white roll and cupids bow at the edge of the vermillion
  • The upper lip lipstick lines
  • ​reduce the lateral commissure lip creases and marionette folds
​ ​You must know the trade-off as well! When the Botox / Dysport kicks in, you will have loose lips.
  • ​Just enough and you won’t whistle or just feel the lip wetness.
  • ​Too much and you may drool.
  • ​But this lasts less then a week and the other muscles around the mouth recruit to provide normal lip motion.
​ ​Discuss the artistic nuances for use of muscle relaxers and fillers with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. I wish you the best!
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