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Facelifting, is it better to start early than later?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_62847412-Copy-Copy-200x300 Q. I was reading that having a facelift early into the late 30’s and having a light lift and then repeating over and over again as we age and when needed will result in a more natural look than having a one dramatic lift later into my 40’s or beyond. Is that true? Also, I have a tattoo onto my neck, that covers the whole neck, is there a way to lift the face without lifting the neck? Can you have Thermal treatment on an area that has a tattoo? A. ​There is no definitive answer for when to have a facelift. Some of us age quicker than others due to heredity or genetics, UV exposure and weather, metabolism or diseases. ​I do feel it is better to proceed with a facelift when there is significant laxity and sagging of the skin and soft tissues that current non-surgical techniques such as fillers and muscle relaxers, or lasers and peels cannot fill, lift or shrink. ​ ​Patients who wait until a pre-conceived later decade to perform their lift generally have:
  1. ​Longer scars and more surgery due to the greater amount of skin to re-drape and remove
  2. ​Less time to enjoy their improved appearance
  3. ​Will use much more fillers and Botox before correction than after surgery
  4. Tend to have longer recovery due to aged tissues and more surgically needed correction
Consider surgical lifting as the longest lasting of the options and not a “one and done” procedure. If you wish to put your “best face forward”, it takes a combination of well managed rejuvenation techniques:
  1. ​Facial tucks
  2. ​Pharmacologic skin health to prolong your investment
  3. ​Fillers to increase the volume lost to time
  4. ​Lasers and peels to stimulate tightening and even skin coloration
  5. ​Others
Surgical facelift incisions are carried around the inner edge of the ear and within the fold behind the ear. If elongated, it is carried along the hairline behind the ear. The incision and scar should not affect a tattoo along the back of the neck but may advance a tattoo upward along the side of the neck. If this is the case, the incision may be modified into the scalp behind your ears. ​ ​Thermal treatments are created using electro-magnetic energy. This may affect the ink color based on the kind of ink used. ​ ​For any of these concerns, please consult a well versed and experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. ​ ​I hope this was helpful. All the best!
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