Can the puckering effect, noticeable indentations when speaking and eating, be lessened with Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_21728725 Q. I am a 50 year-old female and am very self-conscious about the aging look around my mouth. I also have wrinkles as well. I understand that lines and wrinkles cannot be treated with Botox, but can the the mouth movement that accentuates the indentations when puckering, eating, et cetera be treated? A. Puckering or pursing a round muscle is the body’s way to close the opening. This is the way the eyes, mouth, anus and vaginal openings close. They each create radiating lines of skin pleating like the rays of the sun; and so it is with the lips. Current techniques use Botox or other muscle relaxers in a very sparing manner to control the muscle and thereby reduce the ability to crease the skin which create wrinkles. Other options use thinner fillers to smooth upper lip lines like Restylane Silk. For many a patient, the pink lip is similarly thinned or atrophic and a more volumizing and projecting filler such as Restylane or Juvederm help plump and fill these wrinkles too. Sculptra is yet another consideration. While FDA listed as a filler it works more as a bio-stimulator of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and other skin firming molecules. This will help resist wrinkles as the circular muscle creates them. It is best to consult with a expert injector with aesthetic training such as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Facial ENT or Dermatologist. ​I hope this was helpful. All the best!
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