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Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Sculptra VS Silhouette Instalift

Q: Sculptra or Silhouette Instalift for my jowls/lower face? My sunken eyes make me look really tired / grumpy and now the jowls as well and I’m struggling to make the right decision between Sculptra or Silhouette Instalift so I highly appreciate your recommendations.

A: Thanks for sharing your photo! I do see your concerns but a single photo is inadequate to make a proper recommendation. 

Regarding Sculptra and Silhouette, they are both made with PLLA which acts “locally” at the injected site. This means they stimulate the normal healing system to make more structural molecules like collagen, elastin and others to firm-up the tissues for a year or more.
Remember, that all the other tissues go on aging just the same so a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging should be considered.
I provide a full face injectable approach to Sculptra for firming of the skin and the underlying connective fibers; a “shrink-wrap” effect to the face. This will not adequately “fill” or add the volume under your eyes and cheeks nor lift tissues like your cheeks and jowls.
Silhouette InstaLift are sutures inserted under the skin with a series of “anchors” to catch the reticular connective fibers and suspend them. They may last 12 months or more but the amount of collagen stimulation is limited to minimally encircling the thread, thereby holding them in place.
Please consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon skilled in non-invasive, these and other minimally invasive and surgical technique to see what is best for you.
I wish you the very best!

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