Doctor suggests CoolSculpting vs liposculpture although I want predictable results and not averse to down time.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A.  shutterstock_70234060 Q. This is not a hasty decision for me. I am a body fitness model and have 1.5-2 lbs to lose in arms, back, abdominal area- which can’t seem to shed due to new meds taken: Lamictal, allegra, advair, singular. My MD said the 10% risk of complications in Lipo is not worth it without much research on my end and definitely not on her end (possibility of being sued.) It has been hard to find anyone who does coolsculpting to arms and a high cost/results ratio for that procedure. Any recommendations?​ A. Neither surgical lipocontouring nor CoolSculpting (CS) are weight reduction procedures. Both will reduce fat in a specified area but it is up to you to maintain the volume loss and therefore the weight loss. ​The FDA will not allow Zeltiq to advertise CS of the arms as it was not requested in their marketing indications but there are Certified CS physicians who will perform “off-label” CS of the arms with excellent but limited improvement. ​ ​Be forewarned that while CS is tried and true, it is limited and will not “contour” per se. If that is your intent, as a body fitness model, then a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs lipo-contouring with significant experience of the arms may be your best option. I am also not aware of anywhere near a 10% complication rate for Lipo; please discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon. ​ ​I hope this was helpful to you. All the best!
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