I am at my sixth month of pregnancy. Can I do a forehead Botox injection or filler?

shutterstock_77048203Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. I am on my sixth month of pregnancy, can I do a forehead botox injection or filling? A. ​Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a good question and a common one. Thanks for asking it. ​The risk of complications for injectibles is uncommon to rare but it does occur. ​Concerns such as:
  • ​pain and discomfort, headache,
  • ​bruising and swelling,
  • ​stress of injection,
  • ​stress and desire to correct asymmetry or other disappointments
  • ​viral like syndromes
  • ​embolization of filler
  • ​muscle relaxant to the fetus
  • ​​and others are and should be of concern to you, about you and your baby.
​ For this reason, elective cosmetic injectible fillers and Botox (and other muscle relaxers) are not advised during pregnancy and breast feeding. Safety first. ​ ​Thank you for understanding. All the best!
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