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How to Decide to choose Nose Reshaping Surgery.

shutterstock_24697654 Large and unshapely noses can compromise self-confidence at any age.  The procedure can alter the size and shape of the nose, assisting men, women and older teenagers in improving their self-image.  Both older teens and adults gain tremendous relief from the long-standing embarrassment from feeling their noses are too big, bumpy, wide or long! Many breathing problems and nasal deformities from birth or particularly following trauma can be improved with rhinoplasty and septoplasty. A Septorhinoplasty is often encouraged when the septum is deviated and the individual has breathing problems as well. Both the cosmetic aspect and the ability to breathe better are achieved at the same time. There are different levels of surgical nose reshaping depending on your needs and desires.Changes can be made to the tip, the bump, width, length and size of the nose. Your visit to your Plastic Surgeon or ENT will help you determine how you would like to change the shape of your nose. In the Baltimore office of Dr. Dean Kane, board certified plastic surgeon, spends extensive time reviewing your concerns and desires for the shape of your nose. The communication is very important that the doctor understands exactly your concerns about your nose. Visit Dr. Dean Kane’s website to learn more and see the before and after photos of his Rhinoplasty patients at www.DrDeanKane.com. You can contact Lauri Kane, his wife to answer any questions you may have at 410-602-3322 or email her at Lauri@DrDeanKane.com. Lauri will be happy to make your appointment with you.
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