Dr. Kane Q &A – I had Restylane fillers injected in my nose and lips. When will this bruising go?

Question: I had restylane fillers injected in my nose and lips. I have a small bruise on the side of my nose and was wondering how lomg it would taje to go? its a dark mark that just looks like a bruise. This bruise is above where my filler was injected. thanks 🙂    Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore Answers If a bruise has not gone away in 3-6 weeks, it is possible that the original bruise, ie, the red blood cells that have seeped out into the surrounding tissues have broken down leaving their iron containing hemoglobin molecules. When iron oxidizes, it leaves behind a brown red stain. You have several options if this is the case: ​1. continue to see how your body’s macrophages (white cells) remove the iron molecules ​2. try IPL or laser to “blast” the molecules of iron and stimulate the white cells to further reduce the staining.
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