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How do you hide Scars from Face Lift Surgeries?

Hiding My Scars After Facelift Surgery

Scars after any surgery are a given. Unfortunately, after facelift surgery scars are more conspicuous for many reasons. The options to improve or hide them depend on a proper examination by a well experienced, board certified plastic surgeon.

  1. ​The tension or pull at the incision and circulation during healing may make scars heal slower and wider or with greater thickening (hypertrophy).
  2. The particular placement of the scars may be easier to conceal or more obvious
  3. Your particular heritage will alter scars by creating thickening, pigmentation, lack of pigmentation, cysts and infection, etc.

There Are Many Options to Improve and/or Camouflage Scars After Facelift Surgery

  1. ​Most of the time a white scar contrast against reddish or other color is often very obvious. A reduction and blending of the skin colors with proper topical skin therapy such as ZO Obagi Skin Health or the use of IPL and lasers maybe all that is required.
  2. Sometimes revision of the scar with less tension or placement of the scar in a less conspicuous site will be needed.
  3. If along a hairline where the scar color contrasts against the hair color, hair grafting is the best way to camouflage the problem.

Hiding Face Lift Scars with Dr. Dean Kane, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dean Kane, has been practicing over 27 years and Facelifts have been a large part of his practice. Dr. Kane specifically places his scars within the inner edge of the ear and behind the ear and never on the face directly. These scars heal very well and are quite hidden.  Dr. Kane offers the array of surgical lifts, from a mini-face lift, to a full standard face and neck lift surgery.  When Dr. Kane evaluates a patients he considers both the surgical options as well as non-surgical liquid facelift options to determine which approach would be best suited to meet the patient’s needs, time issues and their expectations. Other options Dr. Kane includes: skin tightening procedures such as ZO Obagi Skin Health, skin firming with Sculptra, fold filling with fat or Juvederm, Restylane Voluma and Radiesse, skin shrinking with lasers and such. See all these facial options on www.DrDeanKane.com and call his office at 410-602-3322 to speak with Lauri Kane, his wife.

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