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Common Signs of Aging and How to Fix Them

CoolSculpting Pikesville, MDWe don’t all age in the same way. Some people feel troubled by the depth of their smile lines or the development of marionette lines from the mouth to the chin. Lines and wrinkles are really only one of many indications that the skin is aging. Here, we discuss some of the common complaints we hear from our patients and how they can be corrected.

Turkey Neck

The neck can cause more of a problem than the face itself. To truly beat the clock of aging, the two must work together. If you’ve been rejuvenating your face with injectables but your neck is now giving away your age, there are a few things you can do. At home, the skin on the neck can and should be pampered daily. Professional-grade products like ZO Skin Health serums and moisturizers are excellent for regular use (and can be thoroughly explained by Laurie during your visit). In the office, neck treatment is developed based on the condition of the skin and underlying tissue as well as the desired result. Some patients achieve the neck they want by eliminating a double chin using Kybella or CoolSculpting. When skin is loose and saggy, treatment may include microneedling to induce collagen, ClearLift laser treatment to cause collagen to contract, or a surgical lift to achieve the longest lasting results.

Barely-there Lashes

One of the frustrating aspects of aging is how changes in hormones and other biology can affect the hair. Men and women can encounter problems with hair loss and women, in particular, may find that their eyebrows and eyelashes seem to be slowly disappearing. Eyelashes that are barely there can be supported in a few ways. At home, you might try adding a few drops of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil to your mascara. It has also been said that eyelashes might grow better when petroleum jelly is applied to the lash line every night before bed. If you prefer a more scientific (and less messy) approach, visit our office for a prescription of Latisse.

Aging Hands

Just like the neck can give away age, so can the hands. More people are looking at the backs of their hands with alarm that they have become spotted and thin, revealing ropy veins and discoloration. These are issues that can also be handled both at home and in the professional setting. At home, the overall health of the skin on the hands can be nourished with the ZO Skin Health Nourishing Hand Crème. In the office, laser and light treatments can diminish hyperpigmentation. To improve the softness and youthfulness of the hands, we can inject a proper amount of dermal filler product for natural rejuvenation in less than an hour.

The signs of aging don’t have to create ongoing frustration. Contact our Pikeville, MD office at  410.602.3322 for personal anti-aging care.

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