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Can a 16 year old do CoolSculpting? Parents have agreed to do it.

Should Parents Allow Under-Aged Children to Get CoolSculpting?

Can a 16 year old do CoolSculpting? Parents have agreed to do it.

Question from Shreveport, LA   I diet and do exercise but seems genetic that I can not get fat off my stomach. I actually look very slim till you look at my stomach. Would cool sculpting work for me? Parents have agreed to do it.

Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Center for Comsetic Surgery in Baltimore, MD Answers 

This is a great question because of the controversy in having teens consider elective cosmetic procedures. ​​If the CoolSculpting applicators properly fit the fat bulge you wish removed, you may technically have the procedure(s) done. You will need parental consent and a complete understanding to the side-effects, risks and benefits to the procedure. ​​CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure to reduce the fat under the skin in areas where the applicators fit. This will not reduce fat around the organs or in areas the applicators do not fit. So if the fat is too firm or the applicator cannot suction the bulge completely into the cup, you will not get a result. Up to 20% of the fat is reduced in the area CoolSculpted taking a period of approximately 3 to 4 months.  Noting its limitations, CoolSculpting has been very successful in reducing “spot” areas or if used in multiple sessions to “transform” a larger surface area like all around the tummy and lower back.  Like all fat reducing procedures, CoolSculpting is NOT a weight loss therapy. It must be combined with a Life Style change of diet and exercise to help reduce and maintain the focused fat loss. It has been wonderful in motivating a Life Style change in many of our patients and for this reason combined with focused areas of fat reduction it would be useful and helpful in the properly motivated teen.

​​Please find a well experienced and caring CoolSculpting expert teamed with a board certified Plastic Surgeon who supports weight loss management and all other options to fit the right therapy for each patient.

​ I hope this was helpful! All the best!

Dr. Dean Kane




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