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Can I have Fraxal and Botox?

i3VYkGgXmhvt46fbmvkMnzmkmnK0rMQCh_Ss0H0WazYDr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q. I had Fraxal around the eye area but can I have Botox as well 9 days later when I’m booked in for Botox. A. ​Botox is a protein than can be denatured and therefore lose its potency with heat. The fractionated CO2 laser penetrates the skin to heat the tissues and can therefore reduce the effects of Botox or like muscle relaxers. Current understanding is that Botox has linked irreversibly to the nerve ending and performed its job within an hour of injection. ​The swelling associated with laser therapies will also increase swelling in the area performed. While I know of no studies to the effect, I can anticipate that the added fluid in the area may dilute the muscle relaxer and possibly cause diffusion effects depending on injector technique. If you do plan to have both a laser procedure like Fraxel and Botox performed, I prefer they be separated by a day with Botox on the first day followed by laser the next day. ​ Your best results when combining such procedures would be inject Botox and wait for its maximal effects 10-14 days later, then have Laser. ​Please discuss this concern with your injector / laser specialist. ​I wish you well.
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