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Is it possible to combine Sculptra and fat grafting?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. TwI5XKR8_4eJTGP-FDOxQcf_63yoC5jsdI1_roHr7r4Q. Hello doctors ! My question: is it possible or profound to combine Sculptra and fat grafting for tightening and revolumizing the face? A. ​The idea of volumizing and firming is the next page in the rejuvenation / regeneration story. ​For decades, many molecules have been added to fat to improve its survival. Maybe Sculptra will be that molecule. ​So far there have been no research articles on this idea but there should be. I use both injectibles and both stimulate the immune repair system to send signals to the fibroblasts either via a stimulator molecule, poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra) or as stem cells (fat) to regenerate blood supply and produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other youthful skin components. Both injectibles do not work simultaneously so at this time, I recommend beginning with Sculptra to begin the revascularization and scaffolding. 1 to 3 months later inject the fat with anticipated greater survival and volumizing rejuvenation of the tissues. Thanks for this question! All the best!
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