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Can Botox lower my upper lip?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_79121995 Q. Can Botox lower my upper lip? My teeth show a lot when my face is resting and I’m assuming it is because I have a very short philtrum. Because of this, I have to force my mouth shut which puts indents in my chin from straining. I feel as if my top lip was lowered I could close my mouth comfortably and my teeth won’t show while my face is resting. A. ​Think of the muscles around the mouth as a hub with spokes. The hub muscles constrict the mouth into an “O” and the spoke muscles pull upward, sideward or downward from the facial skeleton to the skin. Oral expression then is an orchestra full of variation to provide expression ,sounds and lip/mouth closure. ​ An easy way to lower a “gummy smile” or over exaggerated incisor show maybe lowered by properly injecting Botox into those muscles above the lip creating relaxation in the upper lip and allowing it to descend. Improper injection and you may drool or the tip of your nose will lift or you will smile without upper lip movement so consult with a very knowledgeable and skilled and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injector. ​ ​You may have a very “tall” maxilla or upper jaw causing the lips to mis-match and strain to close your lips. For this problem, consult with a very skilled orthognathic surgeon otherwise known as a Oral Surgeon to take measurements and make his or her recommendations. ​ ​I hope this is helpful. Good luck!
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