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What options exist to remove “man boobs?”

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A

Q. What options exist to remove “man boobs?”

A. unnamed

Gynecomastia is a source of increased frustration for men of all ages notes Dean Kane, MD. The food we eat and the environment we live in has changed to modify the balance of sex hormones in our body. This has enhanced the production of fat and breast tissue in males called gynecomastia or “man boobs”. The science for removing such tissue has changed remarkably over Dr. Kane’s 40 years in medicine. The fibrous breast tissue and fat were once only removed by surgical excision leaving a long scar and areas without sensation. During his lifetime in medicine and surgery, minimally invasive liposuction contouring has added effective improvements in the outcome of psuedogynecomastia or the reduction of male breast fat allowing for a minimal incision to surgically remove the remaining fibrous breast tissue.

Today, CoolSculpting performed on Dr. Kane and provided at his Practice, the Center for Cosmetic Surgery and MediSpa in Pikesville, Maryland is an effective form of cryolipolysis. This is a non-invasive, option to remove and contour the chest wall, breast fat and breast rolls found in many male patients.

As re-posted from Cosmetic Surgery Times, Girish S. Munavalli, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, states  “This is a non-invasive procedure which can be performed within a matter of hours, and results are seen as quickly as six to eight weeks. This study conclusively showed, with standardized photography and ultrasound measurements, that reduction in breast size is measurable and significant. Just as important, quality of life improves as a result of this treatment. This has profound effects on self-esteem and specifically allows men to feel better in certain types of clothing and in social settings such as the gym, pool and outdoors or exercise activities.”

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