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Any suggestions for my jowls?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A thinking Q. Any suggestions for my jowls? I am 32 years old with jowling around my mouth area. I’m considering filler to my inner cheek area, lip aug or mini facelift? I am uncomfortable with my side profile and front due to loss of collagen. Thank you. A. Good pick-up on the conversation. About 40 years ago, a second layer of face lifting was introduced which offered many advantages in lifting, suspending and duration of results. This layer is used in various techniques today. ​ ​The SMAS or superficial muscular aponeurotic system is a layer of flat muscle and fascia within the face. The platysma muscle of the neck resides in that same layer.  Your 2 prominent NYC plastic surgeons are both correct. ​ ​This layer of tissue is tougher and therefore can be plicated, lifted, elevated and advanced, suspended and different ways to improve the results of the traditional facelift. ​ ​My personal techniques include:
  1. ​High plication of the SMAS to lift the jowl, fill the upper cheek lift the corner of the mouth and pull upwardly on the platysma.
  2. ​A corset platysmaplasty to join the medial bands of the neck muscle to create a tighter, smoother neck and jawline crease and support the floor of the mouth.
  3. ​A neck suspension suture to sling and support the neck creating a more apparent neck crease and outlining the posterior jawline.
  4. Other options occur depending on the needs of the patient.
For more specifics on their techniques, please contact the Plastic Surgeon directly. ​I hope this helped. All the best!
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