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48 year old contemplating a facelift, wondering if there are alternate incision sites?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A 

Q. 48 year old contemplating a Contemplating a Faceliftfacelift, wondering if there are alternate incision sites? I am asking this question for my mother who is contemplating a facelift. She doesn’t like her sagging skin on her cheeks and is wondering if a face-lift will correct this problem. She is also not keen about the incision site being right in front of the ears, are there alternative incision sites that can be used such as past the hairline or somewhere hidden? This is because she works a very social job and doesn’t want it to be known.
A. Thank you for sharing your mother’s photos. While limited, she appears to have a reasonably tight jawline and no skin laxity of the neck. There is minimal if any jowling with a mild wave of skin along the marionette and nasolabial folds. I do not think she needs a facelift based on these photos.

​I believe she may do better with facial fillers, retinoids, peels and other skin tightening options. If she wishes to improve the fullness under the eyes and tear trough, evaluation for a mid-face lift may improve all of her concerns surgically.

​Regarding your question, The most hidden incisions are those within the hairline of the sideburn extending along the upper ear crease-line and over or behind the tragus (front ear cartilage). This will then follow the lower ear crease around the earlobe and behind the ear in the deep posterior crease. A “mini-” or MACS facelift is a possible consideration using this incisional approach.

​I recommend she consult with a well versed, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial surgeon to examine and review all of her options and make a recommendation for what is best for her.

​I hope this is helpful. Good luck!


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