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Is there any way I can get my face shortened?

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Q. Is there any way I can get my face shortened? I really don’t like my face… I have mental problems because everyday when I look in to the mirror I am dissatisfied. One thing is clear. I have to get my nose done. But I also want a shorter face and a sharper jaw. I have seen them doing something like that in Korea. I want to know if that is possible? Because I don’t want to look stupid after but I would risk anything to finally be happy.

A. ​​There are 2 types of options for you which maybe helpful.

  • ​Craniofacial / Orthognathic surgery which will provide more balance in the cosmetic facial features and maintain proper alignment of your teeth and mandibular joint for correct speech, eating and appearance.
  • ​Cosmetic enhancements such as fillers, cheek and chin implants

​Consider discussing your concerns with a very qualified, Board Certified:

  • ​Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgeon who also performs Facial Cosmetic procedures or
  • ​Plastic Surgeon, ENT Facial Surgeon with significant Craniofacial or Orthognathic experience.

This process will take several consultations in order to understand the different perspectives in care, treatment options and complexity.

​I wish you the best with your endeavor and hope for your success in reaching your happiness!

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