What happens if the Sculptra is not massaged after being injected?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A  thinkingQ. What happens if the Sculptra is not massaged after being injected? A. Contemporary techniques in Sculptra use have provide significant improvements in the rejuvenation of facial aging. Originally considered a filler, Sculptra has been found to have a bio-stimulatory effect on the cells which produce the structural molecules in the skin and soft tissues. ​ ​When injected in its currently thinner dilutions, changes to the dermal and epidermal skin and underlying fat occur which are more firming with mild filling than as compared to maximizing volume and projection with hyaluronic acid fillers. ​ ​As it is a liquid suspension and not a gel, Sculptra has the ability to coalesce in particular areas along the lateral brow and forehead and occasionally the corners of the mouth. This will concentrate the product and overstimulate collagen production and therefore nodule formation. ​ It is easy to reverse a nodule formation when the patient senses a crackle or minute particle formation. But if left alone to increase in size, a tiny pinhead grain can develop a pea-sized nodule and must be excised. ​ ​It is much easier to massage and spread the fluid into a thin, uniform layer rather than allow it to pool. While the current mantra is to massage 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days; more is better in this case with particular emphasis on areas where larger volumes were injected. ​ ​Consult with a well experienced Sculptra Plastic Surgeon or Dermatology Injector. ​ ​I hope this has helped. All the best!
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