Would it be better to get CoolSculpting after a few weeks of extra dieting and exercising?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Pinching Side Stomach Q. Would it be better to get CoolSculpting after a few weeks of extra dieting and exercising? It’s my understanding that CoolSculpting freezes and kills a portion of the fat cells that are treated. I also understand that burning fat would cause my fat cells to deflate (presumably reducing their mass) and allow the CoolSculpting applicator to cover more fat cells and thus kill more fat cells. Also, even if this fat reduction was done very successfully, how much of a difference would it actually make? A. ​CoolSculpting (CS) is tried and true. It is limited in that each session will reduce only up to 20% per properly fitted applicator. Serial CS can provide a “Treatment to Transformation” with limited to moderate lipocontouring results but with no surgery. ​ ​If you cannot adequately pinch the skin for the applicator to properly suck in the fat bulge for “freezing” then you will not receive a adequate treatment. For this, I would recommend losing weight so the skin bulge can fit properly. ​Many patients are well motivate to lose weight following CoolSculpting. It is essential to do so. While the fat will not re-accumulate in the lost fat cells, there is still “80% of fat cells left behind and many other areas for these calories to distribute too. ​ ​CoolSculpting without a lifestyle change to further fat loss will provide body contour changes but no weight loss. ​ Consult with a Certified CoolSculpting Team to get your best results! ​ ​I wish you much success with your endeavors!
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