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Would I be a good candidate for CoolSculpt and Velashape after my hernia repair?

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Q. I am a 34 year old woman within 5-10 lbs of my ideal weight. After my 3 pregnancies (not c section), I have weight around my waist. It’s definitely pinch-able. I have minimal loose skin/stretch marks. I’d like CoolSculpt to reduce fat & Velashape to improve the skin, but, I have an umbilical hernia, which will be repaired. Would I be a good candidate for these procedures after the repair & how long should I wait? If not, what other non-surgical options might be better? Thanks!

A. CoolSculpting (CS) is tried and true as a non-surgical option for fat reduction in a skin bulge.

​It does have its limitations and therefore you should discuss your desires and goals with a Certified CoolSculpting Physician.

​A hernia is a hole or defect in the “corset or girdle” separating your organs from the fat and skin above it. It is possible that this defect may contain intestine or other organs which when pulled on by  the suction or “frozen” unintentionally by the CS applicator may injure you and cause complications; although I have yet to hear of this complication.

If you do have a hernia which is not suctioned into the applicator, you will have no concern.

If you desire to CS a bulge which contains a hernia, I recommend to have the hernia repaired and wait no less than 3 months for adequate scar formation to heal the hernia repair. The CS technician must make sure it is fully healed.

Other options include having your hernia repaired and surgical liposuction all together by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is able to do both.

​I hope this was helpful! Good luck!

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