When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge, chin and nasal folds?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_21728728 Q. When is it safe to inject Restylane into nose bridge after primary tiplasty? Are there complications if my fat grafting dont last and I inject Restylane into the areas I had my fat transfer before it is 100% absorbed? A. Fillers and Botox are used in a non-surgical setting and called by many different names such as: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Liquid Facelift Non-Surgical Cheek implant Jaw or chin Filler or Augmentation ​ ​​Technically, a gel filler may be injected at any time following surgery. Injecting immediately following surgery may cause added swelling, bruising and hematoma.  It would be best to allow swelling, scarring, and post-surgical changes to settle so you can then determine which filler and where it is best to inject to achieve the results you desire. ​ The scarring process in the surgical site may detour the flow of filler injection and deposit the filler in the wrong place. So, it is best to wait. ​ ​​I would recommend waiting no less than 3 months following surgery including fat grafting in the same area you wish to further add filler. It may take longer than this for the scars to soften in the surgical site. ​ ​For this reason if none other, it is best to return to your surgeon so he or she may determine if the fat graft is surviving and if and when it would be best to re-fill with filler. ​ ​I hope this helped! All the best!
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