Would a facelift work for a 38 year old male to improve facial structure and decrease wrinkles?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_22808044 Q. Would a facelift work for a 38 year old male to improve facial structure and decrease wrinkles? I’m very unhappy with my very ‘doughy’ and ‘drooping’ face. My body is very fit, yet my face looks very full and I have a lot of excess skin, especially in my cheeks, neck and around my eyes when smiling. I had a chin implant about 10 years ago but did not notice any improvement. Additionally, an over injection of steroid scarred my chin near my mouth which seems to increase the the effect. I would like to have a more angular facial structure. A. Unfortunately, we cannot exercise the skin to fullness and tightness as we can our muscular bodies! ​ ​Facelift will redrape skin excess. If you can “pinch more than and inch of skin” (see reference below) you should consider a facelift as no other medical, laser or peel option can “tighten” facial skin that much. There are minimally invasive tissue suspension techniques to lift sagging soft tissues. ​ ​Sagging tissues may be due to loss of volume and fillers may help. ​ Compliant ​ZO (Obagi) Skin Health will improve the texture, elasticity and resilience in your skin as well. ​ ​Thank you for sharing your photos. You will require a competent evaluation by a well experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial ENT to review the many factors in this decision making. ​ ​I hope this is helpful! You live in a city with many exceptional technicians. Making a plan that is right for you takes proper education so start the consultation process to reach YOUR goals. ​ ​All the best!
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