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What would your advice be if I walked to your office? Botox?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. thinking

Q. I have this horrible lines on my neck (deep ones) and I am so young I shouldn’t have to be worrying about it… I think its genetics so… there is only so much I can do, but I definitely will proceed on something against them since I’m fairly slim and I just want them to get toned out and vanished as much as possible. Ive tried aloe vera, collagen pills… etc. you name it; I’ve tried it. I feel hopeless… Oh, and when I was 15-18 I was a bit chubby but not anymore. Thank you in advance. A.  ​​​​Thank you for sharing your photos! ​ ​As advancements are made in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic improvements, concerns not previously addressed are now facing (no pun intended) the limelight. ​ ​Neck creases or necklace lines may now be more apparent as the computer-cam generation and “selfie” revolution highlights these and other personal concerns including the weak chin, the open nose and facial asymmetries not previously appreciated. The necklace creases may be created by the more repetitive flexion of the neck looking down toward these devices. ​ ​While there is a sheet of muscle called the platysma under the neck creases, it produces vertical folds more than horizontal creases. Botox will relax the muscles creating “dynamic” lines like those of the crows feet and not easily reduce the visibility of neck creases. ​ A continuous evolution of heating technologies (laser, ultrasound and radio frequency) to produce collagen thickening and skin tightening by combining the body’s own natural healing process to tighten loose skin has been less than overwhelming. ​ ​I have experienced a greater improvement in “necklace” line reduction and thickening of dermal thinning with resistance to creasing with an off-label use and dilution of the injectible “filler” called Sculptra. This is very injector dependent and not for routine use but illustrates how technology and technique are helping enhance our personal lives and aging’s consequences. ​ ​Please consult with a Board Certified, well experienced injector specialist to examine you and review with you, your options. ​ ​I wish you well!
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