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What options are available for a double chin?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A pleased woman2 Q. What options are available for a double chin? A. Many options for the Double Chin or fat under the jawline and neck are available. These include:
  1. “Mini” lipo-contouring
  2. Facial lipo-contouring (of the lower cheeks, jowl, jawline, double chin and neck) and neck suspension
  3. Facial lipo-contouring and neck muscle lift (platysmaplasty) with or without neck suspension
  4. Smart (laser) liposuction
  5. Direct excision, ie. surgical incision with visual removal of the fat
  6. And, now, a injectible drug called Kybella.
Following several years of research and clinical studies, a new fat busting injectible drug is FDA approved to reduce the double chin. Kybella will hit the market soon for those who wish to melt the fat under the jawline. This is a purified version of the fat reducing “home” therapies used several years ago called Mesotherapy. It will now be marketed by Kythera and available soon to MD’s with proper training and certification for its use. Kybella is a deoxycholic acid (a non-animal derived bile acid produced in the gastro-intestinal tract to breakdown ingested fat). It is  injected into the subcutaneous fat for improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness seen under the jawline in adults. Once injected, Kybella physically disrupts the cell membrane, causing the destruction of fat cells. Based on the studies performed, patients may need up to 50 injections per treatment, with up to six treatments administered no less than 1 month apart in order to achieve improvement. There are side-effects and complications as with any other option to treat fat deposits. Since Kybella can also destroy or injure other types of cells, such as skin cells or nerve fibers, serious adverse effects, including nerve injury in the jaw that can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness and trouble swallowing. The most common adverse effects of Kybella include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. The FDA says caution should also be used in patients who have had prior surgical or aesthetic treatment of the submental area. Like any cosmetic medical desire, consult with a fully trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or ENT Facial Surgeon to examine you and review with you the options and best recommendations for your need.   Sincerely, Dean Kane, MD, FACS
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