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What is Breast Capsular Contracture?

After a breast augmentation procedure with implants, the body forms a protective lining around the implants called a “tissue capsule.” Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue capsule shrinks and starts squeezing the implant. “The typical symptom of capsular contracture is the patient feels discomfort and the implants do not move naturally,” explains Louisiana based plastic surgeonDr. Kamran Khoobehi.“The patient may develop upper fullness and one breast will start sagging more than other.” If you are experiencing these symptoms, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you and determine the best course of treatment. “Depending on the severity, your plastic surgeon could massage the breast or prescribe vitamin E, but if the grade level of the capsular contracture is at a three or four, then the patient will need to undergo surgery to release the capsule,” explains Dr. Khoobehi.  
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