Does each vial you get of Sculptra add together producing more collagen or do they not build on each other? Im confused?

shutterstock_21728728 Question from Ohio, IL : How does the vials injected weeks apart come together to produce the amount of collagen necessary to give you the results your looking for? Isn’t the first vial of sculptra crystals gone by the time the second vial get injected 6-8 weeks later then so on with the next Vial? Just like to know how it works thanks.   Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore Answers Sculptra is a most interesting product! It is found not to “volumize” or “fill” but to stimulate the production of fibroblast molecules such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans in the dermis. ​ ​The reason for the slow onset of results is that it needs to prime the skin cells, particularly the fibroblast to make the collagen and other products you desire for your results. Each time Sculptra is again injected, it further stimulates these cells to a higher level of production. ​ ​For the longer onset, you also get longer duration of effects. We have seen improving skin firming and line reduction during the 2 years the product information states. This seems to further endure with other non-surgical stimulatory procedures such as Clear Lift laser, retinoid cream stimulation, deeper chemical peels and the like. ​ ​Be patient. This product with controlled stimulation has shown remarkable results for a non-surgical approach but is not instantaneous gratification. For that consider injectible fillers. ​ ​I hope this has helped! All the best!

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