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How soon can I get Restylane after Kenalog injection?

Question from Madison, CT: I had a Kenalog 40 injection into a raised hypertrophic incision scar which got rid of the all the scar tissue in a week. I have read the Kenalog stays in your tissues for a month. I would like to get some restylane in the area, but do not want the water absorbing properties of restylane to hold the steroid in place for longer than a month. Is it safe to get restylane soon – or is there a way, such as a saline injection, to help flush out the remaining Kenalog beforehand?

Dr. Dean Kane, board certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore Answers:  

Kenalog is a suspension of a synthetic steroid used to reduce inflammation. When used under the skin or intralesionally, as you have, it stays localized to the injection area for a prolonged period of time; 40 days per the prescribing information (see reference below). Kenalog is NOT ordinarily used as a water or salt retaining steroid as other glucocorticoids are prescribed.

​You should have no trouble receiving Restylane or any other HA (hyaluronic acid injectible) outside the area of a Kenalog skin injection.

​I wish to wait 6 to 12 weeks (42 to 84 days) following injection of kenalog in a hypertrophic skin lesion to allow it to fully work prior to assessing whether a patient requires more kenalog or as you suggest a filler. This will allow you and your injector to determine the extent of atrophy caused by the steroid and the amount, type and placement of filler you will need.

​Always use the most experienced, board certified plastic surgeon or injector for your skin injection needs.

​I hope this was helpful! All the best.

Dr. Dean Kane





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