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Does ThermiRF machine burn fat cells? Doesn’t a loss of skin fat lead to skin laxity and ultimately aging?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I probably was not very clear when asked this question. I do not want to remove any fat from my face. I am concerned that by removing underlying layer of fat the skin losses its elasticity and youthfulness. Maybe not immediately, when its been tightened by laser, but in the future. Doesn’t fat support upper layers of skin? This question is applied to any other laser or RF treatments available today. A. ThermiRF is a radio-frequency energy treatment platform with many uses. In general, it provides monitored and controlled heating:
  1. from above the skin and
  2. from below the skin to shrink skin molecules and stimulate collagen formation.
The machine provides for different settings to injure different tissues such as skin, fat, nerve, muscle and other tissues the energy comes in contact with or distributes heat to. This device’s strong point is in shrinking skin. While CoolSculpting, lipo-contouring and fat excision are more efficient ways to remove fat, energy in the form of ultrasound, laser and direct heat has been tried as well as radio-waves to destroy fat. That being said, depending how much fat is to be injured, broken down and resorbed, will determine changing the technology mid-surgery to achieve a better outcome. Examples include combining ThermiTIGHT and liposuction to provide better fat lipocontouring of the arms or thighs or tummy than either one alone. On the other hand, using the probe and changing the setting for heating the “double chin fat” is determined on the amount of fat, depth of fat, skill and talent of the surgeon. It takes longer to heat the skin due to the greater circulation of blood amongst the layers of the skin. Fat on the other hand is a heat sink and used to provide a more even thermal  flow to reach the skin’s ideal temperature for shrinkage. It also injures the fat which contracts and thins over several months. The appropriate technique takes time, patience and skill on the part of the physician. As with any medical decision, consult with a well-experienced, talented and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to properly examine you and review the best options to achieve the best outcome for your desires. Physicians must be ThermiRF Certified as well to use this relatively new technology.   This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.
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